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                          ROSE AND PIANO 

“Working and making money are art but great business is the best art“ (Making money is an art, working is an art, and good business is the best art)

 Andy Warhol



          Based on the quotes above, I realize that life owns art which is expressed through human feelings and has an element of beauty in it. It can sometimes be conveyed through a media that is visible, and closely related in everyday life. Art arises because humans always want anything mesmerizing and beauty always creates happiness. For instance, in dressing, we shall match, be harmonious and be neat. Even we require entertainment, listening to music, refreshing, enjoying the beauty of nature, and no less important we also need to know that love is part of art .

         As the title above “ROSE AND PIANO”, both are parts of art. Rose is one of my favorite flowers. It is beautiful and sweet-scented. Piano is a musical instrument which is played by the fingers. As a human being who loves art, one of the ways that I commit to materialize and preserve work of art is by making “BATIK” with a rose motif on the piano keys. Sometimes little things are able teach us lessons, such as from Rose and Piano we can also learn about life.

 The beauty of this rose and piano turns out to have a hidden wisdom in it. You all know that roses have thorns. From the philosophy of the thorns on this rose not to hurt but to protect themselves. From the thorns of the rose we can learn to protect ourselves. We must be firm so as not to be easily underestimated. In life, we should not be afraid to be assertive, because assertiveness is important. Firmness does not mean rude but it is a way to protect oneself, protect the heart, and protect self-esteem, so as not to be disturbed by others. Of course, everyone has his own way of protecting himself. 

The beauty of roses is also a symbol of love and affection. The meaning of this philosophy teaches us to give the best to the people who are valuable in our lives. Likewise, with rose planted anywhere, as long as it is being looked after well then it will look beautiful. It means that wherever we are, we must have commitments and principles in life. However, no matter how beautiful roses are, they will surely wither. This is the philosophy of the rose flower which teaches us that our living creatures will surely grow old and eventually meet the creator. This reminds us which the beauty that we get in this world is not eternal. While a piano is a musical instrument that is played with the fingers, beautiful music from the white and black keys of a piano. Each of the keys represents a meaning of life, the black keys represent the major tone which is interpreted to represent sadness and the white keys represent the minor tone representing joy or happiness.

         Well ... to obtain a beautiful musical tone, you have to play and combine the two black and white keys. Likewise, life has keys, like the black and the white keys on a piano. Beautiful or not the piano of life, depends on how we play the keys in order to produce a beautiful and harmonious tone. Sometimes most of us only want white keys in life and reject the existence of black keys, in the other hand we only want to accept pleasure without feeling sad, so this piano of life will not feel beautiful without the presence of black keys.

         Be grateful if we play the white and black keys in a song of life, so that our lives become beautiful and harmonious. If our lives are filled with good and bad experiences, sadness and happiness, this life will be more meaningful because of the various stories that adorn the paintings in the frame of our lives.

         What I write was inspired by my life experiences. Life has an art that more or less resembles with the story of a rose and a piano which later will make us learn about the meaning of its beauty. And this is the reason why I chose the title of my essay about “rose and piano”. This is a real picture of my personal life experience which is full of the art of living. Sometimes sadness and disappointment come to my life, but I understand that life is like a piano, that is how to make ourselves better in life, depending on how to play the tune. From the rose I learned to be firm in everything and remember that worldly life is temporary, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes in life we can’t always have what we want because everything happens by His will. Believe that God has the best reasons for letting things happen and everything will be beautiful in its time.

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Rabu, 03 Maret 2021


 Currently , the world is still faigthing against COVID 19, virus. we must keep our health protocols, such as keeping our distance,,washing our hands and using masks to protect ourselves and fellow. Covid 19 virus has changing everything because to avoid corona virus we do more activities at home , even there are many people lose their job and livelihood .

 Maybe we all feel not comfortable with new rule must be work from home and stay at home for 24 hours.Including me at the first time I was stressed how through it and still getting income, life is unpredicted tha why we need to have an unlimited mindset to keep doing an innovation in order to continue developing ourselves. But don’t feel anxiety keep positive thinking and do benefically things for ourself and other person. As newbie batik designer Im trying to make design with the title “ CORONA VIRUS “ ya covid 19 that’s my design title at that moment. I realize my design not as good as professional designer and what I write not really perfect like professional writer as well. But this is the result of my thought advantures until finally I find inspiration that fits the current situation. Because piece of batik cloth not only cloth to covering body but piece of batik cloth has a meaning and philosophy about life, as I explained in my previous blog batik are the art of drawing on cloth and part of Indonesia culture heritage.

 Bellow I explain little bit about batik I have designed 

The basic color of the batik that I have designed is blue navy , there is coronavirus motif with red color and tobacco leaves then there is white line that resembles the sekar jagad batik motif ( sekar jagad is like a map ). In my design Im describing how coronavirus spread all over the worlds, which is already demage global economi in the world, incuding my country Indonesia and esspecially my city “ JEMBER “ East Java. Tobacco leaves is symbol where I live that is Jember. The method I use is the REMASOL method, the easiet method to making batik and spend time around 10 to 15 days .

 I also included a video on how to draw in fabric using canting

1. This is the final process












2. The second process I show you how to drawing on fabric using canting and hot wax ( canting is special tool      for batik )

  3. The third process is coloring where I use synthetic method ( colet )
 4. The next process dried and dipped waterglass , then dried again , after that wash it using mixed          hot water , tapioca flour,detergent , and waterglass sufficiently.
 That is a little description of my activities during the covid 19 pandemic .I can improve my skill that were previously just hobbies. In the this situation , covid 19 pandemic we can reconciled with circumtance,which gives us so many important lessons and evaluations about life. We can be closer to the family,we can upgrade our skill, we can take better care of ourself, trying use time beneficialy in the crisis situation, put your trust in God because everything happen is written in God hand , I hope everything return to normal.
 Okay that is a little story about batik design that I have made, lets us love unsentral cultural heritage by wearing batik as a symbol of the nation’s identity. 
Sorry if there is something wrong about  the sentence  that I have writing 
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Minggu, 23 Februari 2020


 Hello Blog Readers,
      We meet again this moment. I hope you are always happy to read my blog. I am still telling about Batik, but I want to tell some most popular batik motives and their meaning in Indonesia. Batik is part of Indonesia heritage culture. The commemoration of this batik day begins with the determination of batik as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. There are many kinds of Indonesia Batik because every region has differences motives and characteristics.However, there are some most popular batiks, and every motive has a special meaning. Let us recognize batik motives and its meaning


Parang motives is the oldest motive originally from Javanese that has a meaning not easy to give up, the motives like waves on the sea which describes the waves that never stop moving like an unyielding spirit. Long time ago, did all society not allow to wear it. It was for high level and nobleman person.


Truntum motives look like a star which tells story about the King Pakubuwono III. He has made the queen, Berukwas sad because he wanted to marry with another womanjust to get descendant. With her sadness, Queen Beruk went to be meditated and then she looked at a star. Suddenly, she was painting truntum with full of patience,which then the King Pakubuwono III canceled his intention to get married again. This motive describes the sincerity of unconditional love in Javanese, which is then called TUMARUNTUM.


Mega Mendungis the famous from Cirebon Region. Mega means cloud, and Mega mendung means dark cloud. According to the name and its shape, it resembles like a cloud that rolls up with color gradations. The meaning of the motives is about patience in facing problems.


One kind of these motives has a circular pattern like a Kawung fruit or type of coconut or is considered as sugar palm fruit which is arranged neatly and geometrically. The meaning of this motive is a desire and hard work that will produce result and describe hope that humans will always remember their origins.


SekarJagad is an inland batik motive original from Solo and Jogjakarta. The meaning of this motive is map of the world“ KAR “ in the word Sekar coming from the Dutch which means map. This shape describes about kindness, and is usually used the smart people or nobleman person.

      But with time that progresses all batik motives in Indonesia can be used by all circles without exceptions. This thing cannot be separated from the development of fashion and also batik itself, so that batik cloth can be increasingly admired by all ages.As I explain before almost every region in Indonesia have characteristic batik motives, a variety of motives will also be influenced by the characteristics and base on in region.

     Similarly batik is derived from the city of jember, East Java with the characteristics of tobacco leaves, orchid flowers, and coffee flowers. I am derived from jember that I want to preserve the batik culture. For me, to make batik cloth not only cloth that is used as covering the body but also cloth that has a very deep meaning of even a piece of batik cloth which we can learn about life and past history. Batik is a painting art on the cloth that is drawn with the pattern and made it special. As beginner, I want to my batik that I have designed a motive which also has a special meaning. There are kinds of batik that I have made and the meaning:
The meaning of the motive I have made at this time is I want to pouring my inspiration because my longing to someone who was far there. A tobacco motive symbolizes the characteristic of Jember, and the bird motive with tail of tobacco leaves means that the bird can deliver my longing by carrying tobacco for him.
 The next motive flower that describes a beauty which I combine with tobbaco leaves and the color orange dominant because the orange is the symbol from his country Nederland, reminds me where he was born and lives now.
 Tulip flower that I have made to me is because tulip is the characteristic from his country which blossoms in May. It is very beautiful as if it would find peace and calmness when looking at a blooming tulip. At that same time and the same month and different years he was  born that is really amazing. when He was born along time ago with the blooming of tulip which were full of beauty. That is all about my past in my silent I always keep the best prayer for hm.
 The next motive still shades of tobacco leaves with flowers are varying and Parang motives. As already described above, Parang motive has the meaning an unyielding spirit not easy to give up and I really like this motive in my opinion to reach success must have an unyielding spirit because we have to be able create the good future and although successful person who has painful story but still keeps going to reach success, andt I don’t ever give up because give up it is not an option then don’t forget to pray as well.

 The meaning of this Rose motive I have made is the meaning because rose is my favorite flower. If Rose flower blooms, it seems so beautiful and tough. So we have to becareful to pluck it. Rose has thorn not because it will be hurt another else but just want to take care itself.

      Okay that is the story about popular batik motives and batik I have designed with a little story my life journey although what I was writing just become memory. Base on me all people have past memory that gives us a lesson we don’t be able to throw out a past because that is part of ourselves. We have to make a peace with ourselves, love the present and excited to build the future.

 Strorysources from : Blog.ruangguru.com and from my story

Selasa, 24 September 2019


Indonesia is a country located on the continent of Australia and Asia and is traversed by the equator. Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, with rugged mountains and tropical. Indonesia is famous with rich of Culture because has an assortment of tribes, cultures, languages , and sights were very beautiful
             My parents and I live in this city, one of the Cities in Indonesia is Jember  where I grow up. Jember is a district in the province of east Java , Indonesia. Whose capital City is in Jember. Jember has an area of 3,293.34 km2 with altitudes between 0-330 above sea level.
Jember  was build  base on the 322 staatsblad number 9 August 1928, which come into force on January ,1 ,1928, In which the Dutch Indian Government has issued a regulation on the restructuring of the decentralized. Government in the terriority of East Java . Officialy the regulation was issued by the Dutch East Indies General Secretary ( De Aglemeene secretaris ) G. R. Endbrink , August 21, 1928. But Base on law No. 12/1950 on the Regional Government of East Java regency, in the Establisment of District regional Areas in East Java Province ( with Regional center ),among other ,Jember Regulated in Jember .
 Jember Regency’s climate is tropical with  a temperature range of 230’c – 320’c . The southern part of Jember regency is lowland area with its widest point being the island of Nusa barong and the eastern  part is part of the ijen plateau series. Most of population of Jember work as Farmers, The economi of jember is still supported by the agricultural sector and in Jember many plantation areas are mostly Dutch Heritage but Now it is managed by national companies and regional companies.People in Jember Celebratetraditions that make Jember popular with several names.
Jember has several nicknama that are
City of Pandhalungan
  • Jember are Inhabited by many tribes like madurese, javanese, osing , and tiongha so this mix makes Jember like “ Miniatur of Indonesia “
City of Education
  • Jember is one of the education centers in East Java beside Surabaya and Malang, so there are many Universities.
City of Thousand hills
  • Jember also is Called 1000 hills because it has at least 1.666 hills spread throughout the Jember Regency
City of tobacco
  • Jember is also it called  City of Tobacco because the main tobacco producer in indonesia in The world market Jembers tobacco is very well known in German and Nedherland.
City of Carnival
  • Jember is also gets called City of carnival because of Jember Carnival which is that is famous in the World with Jember fashion Carnival.
City of Suwar suwir
  • Suwar suwir is kind of candy that is made of from cassava and typical food of Jember City
City of Islamic student
  • In Jember there are many Pesantren start from small pesantren to large pesantren.
Jember also has beautiful tourism places  that become lovely destination in Jember ,especialy beautiful beach , here is a list of tourism places in jember:
·         Payangan Beach


This beach is located in Wuluhan sub distict the charm of this beach is very beautiful when viewed from the top of the hill which is located around the coast, beside being decorated with several hill the beach is also decrated by rocks lined up neatly on the beach.
·         Watu ulo Beach

Watu ulo beach in Javanese language it mean Batu Ular ( Sneke stone ) which is Located
In Sumberrjo village Ambulu  arround 39 km south of the  Jember. With the beauty of its beaches and nature around this beach there are several Tourist attractions such as Japanese cave tourism objects, bat caves and some like playground.

       Tanjung papuma Beach

 Papuma beach located on south coast of East Java Province is more precisely located in the village of Lojejer Wuluhan 56 km to the south of  Jember along Papuma beach there is a stretch of white sand that is Very clean and beautiful , and alow tourists to come to sunbate.
·         Puger Beach


Puger beach is a site located 36 km southwest of jember, this beach is famous for the auction market and selling fish ,not only enjoying the beauty of the sea but visitors can also see traditional fishing boat.
·         Paseban Beach

Paseban beach is a safe beach because it has calm waves and located at 52 km to the northwest of  Jember , many foreigner tourists who use it for sun bathing or doing sport like beach volleyball.

·         Bandealit Beach


            Bandealit beach offer a breathtaking and beautiful panorama, this beach is located in
            Meru Betiri National Park in the southern part of jember or about 36 km from
            The city center and adjecent to Sukamade Beach which is a hatchery for turtle eggs.

·         Patemon swimming pool

Petemon swimming pool is located in petemon village , Tanggul, Jember, East Java,this swimmig pool is famous for the freshness of the water because of it come from natural springs said to be said to come from the Argopuro moutain sprigs.and base on one expert said that the water can be drunk directly because of it low TDS ( Total dissolved solid  )content, namely the metal element of water soluble minerals.

·         Rembangan Swimming pool


Rembangan swimming pool famous enough in the Jember city ,that located in the kemuning village arjasa, jember  ,12 km north Of the of Jember precisly under the foot of mount Argopuro, with an area of 13,45 hectares are with a height of 650 meters above sea level

·         Tancak Waterfall

Tancak waterfall which is under the foot of this pasang mountain has height of approximatelyn 82 meters , the water is very clear and cold . The natural scenery of the mountai and coffee plantation is very beautiful and fresh. The located of tancak
 waterfall is in the Suci village, Panti ,Jember . Is less than 20 km from the Central city.

·         Antrokan Waterfal

The Waterfall is one of the unsploid tours, such as the Antrokan Waterfall which is in the            located Manggisan Village, Tanggul  ,Jember  , East Java. This waterfall is not too  high but characteristic of the jember icon is its natural purity.

·         Sumberjambe Waterfall

Raung Sumberjambe slope waterfall is one of the natural attractions which is very  suitable  for nature lovers because the natural conditions around the waterfall are still natural on the mountain slope of raung , beside that the flowing water is still awake its beauty and very clear. Sumberjambe mountain slope  waterfall is located 32 km northeast of  Jember.

·         Gunung Rayap Waterfall

Rayap Waterfall is a unique name because it is located in the renteng garden area ,rayap owned by PTPN XI ( persero ), local residents are more familiar with the rayap or rembangan waterfall, this location is not far from rembangan tourism with beautiful view from the hilltop.rayap waterfall has heigt of approxiamately 10 meters including short but the water flow is quite high and must be carefull not to get too close to the bottom of the waterfall.

Jember has some celebration of which
·         Jember ‘s Birthday ( 1 Januari )
·         BBJ ( Bulan Berkunjung ke jember ) or Month visit to jember
·         JFC ( Jember Fashion Carnival )
·         Tanoker Egrang festival
·         Gerak Jalan Tajem

Jember Also has a very Interesting traditional art
  • Can macanan Kaduk
  • Patrol Musiek
  • Egrang Tanoker
  • Batik Jember
But I Can’t explain all of about My cultures , here I will explain about Batik “ Jember Batik “.
Jember batik has different motifs and patterns with Solo batik and Jogja. Jember batik has pattern that is patterned tobaco leaves .
Tobacco leaves are the hallmark of jember,Because Jember Is the Largest tobacco producer in Indonesia.

In the below this I will explain How to make “ Batik “
There are 3 ways to make batik         :
  • Remasol
  • Naptol
  • Indigosol
But here I will explain how to make batik using the REMASOL method :
  • As for the needed first Paper HVS, pensil ,eraser and marker as for the tools for drawing motifs on paper are then thickened with markers
  • Then prepare a sheet of white cloth to be draw according the motifs from tracing paper still using pencil, , here I will draw tobbaco motifs base on halmark of my City.
  • In the next step prepare electric stove or fire stove, small griddle, hot wax and canting,
Make hot melted wax on the small griddle using electric stove or fire stove, hot malted wax used for drawing in the fabric using canting .

  • Canting is Traditional tool special for to make batik

  • After that the fabric that has been draw is colloured according the motif, usng the fabric dye , after all giver the colour wait until it is dry then dip it in waterglas until all the fabric is flat which is for protect the colour so that the colour not easy to faded and let it be dry , remove and draining ( don’t dry in the  hot place ,indoors ).

  • The last step after the fabric driyng then wash it using  water until clear , to faded of hot wax in the fabric , prepare detergent, waterglas,and tapioca flour, mix it and pouring hot water then dip the fabric until until hot wax faded, in the last rinse of the fabric using clear water and make it drain.
Okay that is about how to make it batik, part of Indonesia culture Heritage . Let us preserve our culture not to become extinct because of tehnological sophistication. Till here the story about Jember keep visit my blog with another story about culture and beautiful tourism places in jember , East Java , Indonesia..

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